Amigos de Labastida

Amigos de Labastida
  • Solagüen

    It's the fortunate combination of our people at Labastida, and our land blessed by nature, that gives our wines their distinctive character.

  • Manuel Quintano

    Until 1786, in Rioja not raised the possibility of aging wines. It was Don Manuel Quintano, Labastida cleric researcher, who demonstrated the enormous potential of parenting that had the wines of the areas.

  • Castillo Labastida

    With Castillo Labastida you will find out that not only the good moments appear, but you look for them ... and find them.

Maceración Carbónica

Back to the origins.

One of the few authentic Rioja Alavesa wines 100% maceración carbónica.


Reserva 2005

Complex and elegant expression. Phenolic good condition to overcome the years of aging with slow and positive evolution.


Crianza 2012 Solagüen

The grapes were de-stalked on entering the winery. Eleven days´ fermentation out of a total of fourteen days´ maceration.


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